What is MSM ?

MSM (Modified State of Mind), also know in the clinical field as hypnosis, in an altered state of relaxation and focus. It allows us to work mostly with the subconscious mind, which controls around 90% of our thoughts, emotions and actions.

To clarify a myth, this therapeutical work gives back the power to the client, and that person does not do things he does not want to do, to the contrary. A client always keeps her moral values and power on what she says and does. Under this very pleasant modified state of mind, the client is very relaxed and his conscious and subconscious minds are way more open to receiving the therapies given and the coaching. MCM is a huge key player in the rapidity and efficiency of the work done.


What is NLP ?

Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) is a type of coaching meant to empower the client and make him find his confidence. It is done with very specific exercices depending on the challenge, in order to deeply rewire and reprogram the brain towards the client's goals. The subconscious mind plays a crucial part in this type of coaching, which is relatively fast, efficient and goes in depth. Contact me for more information.


Life Coaching


Both MSM and NLP are there for all type of objectives. Most of the time, I mix them for a maximized result. I am there to guide you through your process, mind and body, towards permanent solutions that might just make you feel aaaaah... much better, finally!