Do you have blockages, or a problem in your life that just won't go away ? You have tried getting rid of it, but it is still lingering ? I understand, and you're not alone. The good news is that most challenges can be overcome permanently and I believe there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.


How does a session look like ? During a session, I do a unique mix of three things : a therapeutical guidance using MSM (a relaxed yet focused state of mind), NLP and coaching - a very powerful fusion. I specialize in getting blocages released, soothing anxiety symptoms, and growing confidence.

I don't only do the therapeutical work, or just the coaching.... I do both ! It is important that we do both, because without the coaching, you won't know what actions to take, and actions are crucial for personal success. Also, coaching will help you understand what is going on, and bring you more awareness. And without the therapeutical side, you won't have released what you need to release from the past, nor reprogrammed the crucial new ways of thinking and feeling. To be your best self, you certainly need to embrace both so you can finally get rid of those challenges permanently !

We will set together attainable objectives, release unnecessary things from the past, and reprogram what needs to be reprogrammed. During the process, you will also learn about yourself, make important realizations and evolve, for a genuine personal transformation. And when needed, we can work at a deep level and go to the roots of your challenges, in order to fully resolve them. You will simultaneously get an empathetic, therapeutical and empowering approach. Along with a very personalized coaching, with key strategies to keep improving -  for life.

After a few sessions, you really might just feel aaaaah... much better, finally! Renewed, stimulated, ready to take on the world and transformed into your best version !

The amount of sessions required varies from person to person and the nature of the challenge.

Do get in touch with me for an appointment or any questions or concerns you may have.


Here are some examples of what we can work on:


relationship challenges


fears, anxiety symptoms and phobias

stress and stress management techniques for relaxation

better sleep

creating abundance

loss & grief

self-confidence  and self-esteem improvement

difficult changes

lack of power over your life

leadership at work

procrastination and motivation

ADHD symptoms

children, teenagers & adults